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I can write content of all kinds: non-fiction articles, industry-specific posts for your business or anything that you need writing to a professional standard – just get in touch with me to discuss your unique project.

Anne Grange Writing - Writing Services


I provide a professional editorial service: friendly, personal and practical, to get the result that you want, at an accessible price.

This service is for you if you’ve already written a book and want to get it published.

I run a bespoke service based on your individual needs, so please get in touch to discuss how I can help you. If you are based within a 50-mile radius of Sheffield, I can meet you in person to guide you through the publishing process.

Anne Grange Writing - Editing Services

Email me a short synopsis and word count, the first three chapters of your book and a few paragraphs about yourself, and I will report back to you via email or over the telephone with an appraisal and for a full quote. The best self-publishing projects are a collaborative learning process for the editor and the author, and I enjoy working with authors to get the best results for their books.

Full editing service. £10 per 1,000 words. I’ll iron out any problems with spelling and grammar, fact-check, and make your writing sparkle!

Substantial editing and rewriting. If your sentences and paragraphs need restructuring, your characters need developing or you need that extra “pizazz” for your book to stand out, I can make it happen. Fee: from £12 per 1,000 words.

Proof Reading

If you want your text to sparkle before publishing it or sending it to an agent, I can help you to turn your book into a polished manuscript.

I will need to assess your text first, to assess whether it is suitable for proofreading, or if it needs more substantial editing.

Anne Grange Writing - Proof Reading
  • Proofreading: correcting spelling, grammar, word-choice and making your writing flow and glow: Fee: £8 per 1,000 words.
  • I can also give you a thorough read-through and appraisal of your novel or memoir. Fee: £8 per 1,000 words, which will include detailed feedback and my suggestions. My feedback is always constructive.


If your manuscript is almost ready to go and has already been edited and proofread to the best of your ability, I will give it a final check – an additional layer of proofreading that may pick up any inadvertent mistakes. I will also format the text into a professional book format, design a fantastic cover for you and I can help you to upload your book onto self-publishing sites such as kdp.com.

Packages start at £200. I will need to fully assess your manuscript before giving you a full quote.

Anne Grange Writing - Formatting


If you have a story to tell but aren’t sure how to get started or lack confidence in your own writing, I can use interview techniques to turn your story into a book you can be proud of. As you tell your story to me, I’ll make a recording and transcribe your words into a book.

Anne Grange Writing - Ghost Writing

Free initial consultation: meeting in person, or alternatively a telephone conversation or Skype conversation. This will establish:

  • The details of your project and what you hope to achieve
  • Details of payment to Wild Rosemary Writing Services
  • Important deadlines for your project e.g. are you preparing a book for a particular anniversary etc.?
  • The style of writing you require from me.
  • Whether we are a good fit for each other.

We can then start work. Depending on the nature of the project, I may request a deposit.

The costs of my memoir package starts from £400, inclusive of one three-hour interview, followed by transcription, editing, formatting and inserting photographs and preparing for publication.

If you want a more bespoke “ghost writing” package, each interview, up to two hours, will cost £100. I will then transcribe the interview as soon as possible. I can conduct interviews in person, but also on the telephone or via Skype. The cost of each transcribed interview is £100.

We will then repeat this process until you are happy that your book is complete.

I will edit your book thoroughly, insert any photographs or illustrations you require, and I can format your book as an e-book, design a cover or upload the book onto e-book publishing or print-on-demand software, such as kdp.com. I can also help you with publicity and marketing. Any additional work will cost £18 per hour.


If you want to capture your memories, or those of a loved one, this package is for you. The resulting book will become a keepsake you can look back on and share with your friends and relatives.

Anne Grange Writing - Memoir

The service includes:

  • A 3-hour informal interview with you or your loved one. This could be conducted in person, or the phone or Skype.
  • An edited transcript of the interview, with photographs if you provide them.
  • Quality printing and binding, and the transcript will also be provided electronically.
  • Prices start at £400 for the full service.
  • For a more bespoke process, the cost is £100 for each interview – up to two hours, and £100 for each completed transcription until the process is complete.
  • Gift cards are available if the service is being purchased as a present.
  • Gift biographies, compiled from your memories and photographs, ideal for landmark birthdays and anniversaries. I can use graphic design, photography and hand-crafted elements to reflect your personality.
  • Surprise gift biographies for a friend or relative. Ideal for special events such as hen-nights and weddings.
  • Eulogies and celebrations of life.
  • Support for people who lack confidence with computers, such as typing, layout and formatting.


I can help you with publicity and marketing for your book. For example, writing a press release for your book, getting in touch with local media and setting up social media platforms.

My cost for this type of work starts from £18 per hour.

Anne Grange Writing - Publicity


I facilitate workshops, masterclasses and creative writing classes, specialising in memoir, self-development and self-expression. I am experienced at working with children and adults of all ages and from all backgrounds. Get in touch with me for more details, read the blog for the latest news or sign up to my newsletter for more details.

Anne Grange Writing - Teaching

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